Logo generatorFinding a good business name is a difficult task and even if you think that you have a good idea it is very likely that the business name is already taken. Generally speaking, people today are looking for business names that don’t come with difficult spelling and sound nice. Every new business owner has tried to create a brand name, but most of them have given up because the process requires patience, time and focus. If you think that you lack these things at the moment, there is a very convenient solution that comes in the form of a free business name generator.

As the name suggests, this is a software tool that helps future business owners to find the right name for their business. On top of that, a tool like this works for free which means that you can save a lot of money.

The following is a list of good free business name generator options

Cool Name Ideas

Cool Name Ideas

The first generator that we would like to mention is Cool Name Ideas. This generator asks users to type the words that are closely related to their business, the kind of business they are running, what kind of problems does the business solve, the personality of the business, and the domain extension they are interested in. If you answer these questions, you will get some unique business name suggestions. The best part is that you will get a long list of ideas. If you click on any of these suggestions, you will see whether the domain name is available or not. In case you have any dilemmas about the use of this online platform just follow their walkthrough. To get thousands of company and domain name suggestions instantly, click here.



This has to be one of the most interactive and fun business name generators available on the Internet. From the moment you visit the main page, you will notice the uniqueness of this tool. Simply use the Let’s Get Started button and you will start the process. After that, you have to choose your industry and add one or a few keywords. When you finish this process, you will get a few creative business name ideas. If you select any of these names you will have a chance to look at your selected business name in some sort of a logo.



Now here’s another example of a fantastic free business name generator. Brandroot generates memorable names and shows .com availability to all users. There is a list of names that have been selected manually and you can buy some of these pre-selected business names together with a logo. Users can select a category and/or a keyword to check the list of business names. Keep in mind that these are premium business names which mean that you should be prepared to pay more for them.

Anadea - free business name generator


Anadea is actually a company that builds sites and apps, but they also have a free business name generator available to any individual or organization that needs business name suggestions. Thanks to this generator, you will get an opportunity to get business name ideas related to the keyword/s you find relevant. The end results are fantastic – you will get many fun, memorable and modern business names. If you select the domain with the same name, you can also get a good offer for hosting and website building. It is possible to get suggestions based on the industry where your business belongs.


By using any of these reliable online platforms you should be able to get a unique name for your business. Choose the name carefully because it’s very important.
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